The Story

jane-austen-project-2“The Jane Austen Project” sends its unlikely heroine, Rachel Katzman, M.D., back in time to rescue the great writer’s legacy. Chosen by a team of scientists at the secretive Royal Institute for Special Topics in Physics, Rachel soon realizes — despite the wonder of living amid the raw materials of a Jane Austen novel — that her mission is going to be even harder than she expected.

The Rachel of 1815 can no longer be the autonomous physician she was, or her true self: passionate, outspoken and fearless. Instead, she must play the role of docile spinster sister to her quick-witted but medically clueless colleague, Liam Finucane, even as she finds herself fighting an unsisterly attraction to him. Worse, as Rachel and Liam race the clock to complete their assignment before the time travel portal closes, they begin questioning the most inviolate rule of the Institute: that time travelers must never change history. Rachel is faced with the possibility of being left not only as a woman out of place, but out of time –torn between inclination and duty, between where she belongs and what she has grown to love.