Some Reviews

“Sure, a book about Jane Austen and time travel sounds dicey, but The Jane Austen Project is smart, fun, and unputdownable.” Consumed by Ink

“Flynn’s work is fun, intelligent, and she gets the details right. The dialogue (which is what usually kills this kind of fan fiction for me) is magnificently done – in both time periods, quite a feat. The ending is unexpected and perfect.”  Transactions With Beauty

“Flynn’s well-researched writing brought this world and these characters to life in an unforgettable way, and I highly recommend picking up this book if you love all things Austen.” So Obsessed With

“We enjoyed getting to know this Jane Austen, who is fiercely intelligent and keenly observant, and has a tremendous sense of humor and a heart as big as the sky.” AustenBlog

“Rachel’s wry, observant narrative voice teaches readers the delights and hardships of life in 1815 with rich historical detail.” Shelf Awareness

“Surprise, surprise, what do we have here? A Jane Austen time travel novel that’s actually good!” Modern Mrs. Darcy’s Summer Reading Guide

“This story had me spellbound from the first page.” Austenesque Reviews

“The reader can relax and enjoy watching two attractive, devoted Austen fans engage in the ultimate cosplay.” Historical Novel Society

“Will their assumed personae withstand Jane’s celebrated discerning eye?” Booklist

“For anyone who enjoys time travel stories, this one is an absolute treat.” Reading Reality

“A creative and entertaining novel that addresses some interesting ideas while at the same time telling a cracking good story. “ All About Romance

“Flynn skillfully delves into the later years of Austen’s life in a way that is sure to please admirers of the 19th-century novelist, as well as providing a fascinating dollop of plot invention and a heartbreaking romance between the two protagonists.” Library Journal, Starred Review

“It was a light read, but jam-packed with little pointers about serious topics as well, which made it a brilliant combination for me.” Dyan, thewordsthewoods