So, the Audiobook

I am inordinately excited about the audiobook.

I didn’t know there was going to be one until one day in January when I got an email from my editor with names of three possible readers and samples of each reading from other books. They were clearly all very good at their jobs, but I was drawn in particular to the voice of Saskia Maarleveld, by her slight huskiness and her evident facility with accents. There’s a lot of tricky accent work in Project, as Rachel and Liam sometimes talk like themselves and sometimes like British people of 1815.

Yesterday I discovered that a sample of the audiobook is already online! I was thrilled with the sound of it. Saskia has really nailed the way I hear Rachel in my head: her precision and hint of snarkiness. Listening to this sent chills up my spine. In a good way.



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